Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start mining?

It’s easy to start mining with our hosted mining services. We host all the mining hardware for you in our state-of-the-art data centers. All you have to do is sign up on our website or mobile app and begin trial mining at no cost. Once you’re ready to upgrade to a paid mining plan, click “Upgrade” from your mining Dashboard, or contact or call 1 (833) 457-2628 EXT 1.

How do I receive payouts from mining?

When you sign up for a paid hash rate contract you provide us with your cryptocurrency wallet address for the coin(s) you will be mining and we send payouts straight to your own wallet.

How do I know this is not a scam?

When you make a mining purchase with us, your funds are utilized for purchasing real hardware and processing power. We do not use revenues from new incoming sales to finance ‘fake’ mining payouts towards existing mining customers, as some companies have been caught doing. Additionally, you do not have to trust us with holding your coins as we send your mining earnings directly to your own wallet address so your coins are always in your possession.If you want to see our mining operations for yourself, you can schedule a visit to one of our locations:

Krambu R&D
5077 N Bldg Center Dr.
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

Contact or call 1 (833) 457-2628 to schedule a tour.

If you can’t personally visit our facilities, you can check out our social media accounts, videos, read our customer testimonials, or give us a call to talk to a real person.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bank ACH, Checks and Bank Wires. Additional cryptocurrencies may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

*Credit and debit cards are not accepted due to the high risk of fraudulent usage.

How much does it cost?

With our mining plans, you make an upfront payment to secure a fixed amount of processing power in our data centers. This one time payment provides you guaranteed processing power for a set number of months. For different coins, the measurement of processing power, as well as the number of months of mining, may vary. See pricing for our current rates and plans.

Are there any ongoing costs?

There are no ongoing out-of-pocket costs after your initial purchase. We even bundle your power and maintenance fees so those fractional amounts are deducted from your mining earnings on a daily basis. See pricing for our current rates.

How much will I earn from mining?

There are 3 variables that determine how much you will make from your mining. However, 2 of these variables are based on market conditions, and are therefore impossible to precisely predict. The 3 variables are:

To attempt to predict your earnings, we must make assumptions for both the future Network Difficulty and Coin Price. The simplest way to estimate earnings are to assume Network Difficulty and Coin Price will stay the same as they are today. See Mining Economics for more details.

What does "Network Difficulty" mean?

Each cryptocurrency has its own network of miners around the world. The Network Difficulty for a particular coin is determined by the total amount of processing power of all miners in that network. As more miners mine a given coin, the Network Difficulty for that coin will increase as the total amount of processing power increases. Mining is like a competition, the higher the Network Difficulty gets, the greater the difficulty of winning the competition and earning the mining rewards.

Why should I mine cryptocurrency VS just buying some?

The simple answer is that mining helps mitigate the extreme volatility of cryptocurrency markets. When comparing mining to buying a cryptocurrency, buying is only profitable if the price of that currency rises long term. Mining is advantageous because it can be profitable in a broader range of scenarios.

Is this an ICO?

No, this is not an ICO.

How do I view my mining results?

Your mining Dashboard can be accessed from our website or mobile apps, giving you a detailed and transparent view of all your mining earnings. This makes it easy for you to mine straight from your phone, tablet, or computer.

What coins can I mine with Krambu?

We currently offer GPU and FPGA mineable coins. Ethereum mining is available now and we will soon be adding Bitcoin Gold, followed by Zcash and Monero. We plan to offer Bitcoin mining and other ASIC coins for our customers in the future as well.

Can I “Change my mining” from one coin to another?

Yes. We are adding a feature in 2018 that will allow you to “hash hop” as we call it and change which coins you’re mining with your hash rate.

Can Krambu mine new ICO coins?

We are evaluating adding ICO coins during the first half of 2018. If you have a coin you are interesting in mining, please contact us to set up a custom solution.

What is mining?

Mining means processing transactions for a cryptocurrency network. Powerful computers record the new transactions in what is known as a ‘block’ (a new batch of transactions), and add them to the record of past transactions, known as the block chain. Whoever processes the new transactions the fastest, is rewarded with the transaction fees from that block of transactions. As these rewards are earned, mining becomes profitable.

What is a “Repurchase”?

Repurchases occur as you allocate a fixed portion of your mining earnings and purchase additional hash rate to grow and/or extending the length of your mining term.

What do “Hash” and “Hash Rate” mean?

A "Hash" is a difficult mathematical calculation performed by a computer.

"Hash Rate" is the number of Hashes that a system can compute each second. This is used to measure the processing speed of a computer mining cryptocurrency.

What do “MH/s” and “GH/s” mean?
Why does Krambu sell mining instead of keeping it for itself?

Krambu saw a problem in the market – many people and companies want to get into mining, but most do not have the technical expertise to set up their own mining equipment. We also saw other mining providers vastly overcharging their customers. Because of the talent and purchasing power available to us at Krambu we are able to offer a turnkey mining solution with the best prices available anywhere.

We’ve been mining on our own for a long time and will continue mining in the future. By opening up our services for others to mine alongside us, we are able to create efficiencies of scale for our facilities and operations more quickly.

What is Blockchain hosting?

This is like web hosting but for blockchain technology. This gives customers access to the unique advantages of distributed ledger technology without the need for technical software and hardware expertise to create their own solutions. This is a brand new world of hosting that will become the norm in the next decade.

How does the price compare with Hashflare, Nicehash, and Genesis?

In doing some quick comparisons we found our Ethereum mining was 1% to 20% cheaper for the same amount of hash rate. Feel free to check the numbers yourself, but be sure to compare apples-to-apples (eg. take note of the length of the mining term).

What is GPU vs ASIC mining?

GPU mining uses graphics cards commonly used by video gamers. This technology is stable, versatile, and more readily available than ASIC hardware. GPU mining has another advantage as there are hundreds of coins that can be mined with the same GPU hardware. Additionally, GPU hardware is typically warrantied for three years, allowing long-term benefits.

ASIC mining uses a special chip specifically optimized to mine a single type of coin. Therefore, ASIC mining machines can only mine a single currency. ASIC mining machines typically only come with a one year warranty and rarely make it past eighteen months of profitable operation.

Is there any limit on how much Hash Rate I can buy?

Within reason, no. Our facilities and infrastructure are highly scalable.

How does the Free Trial work?

Please see our Free Trial section for details.

What happens if Ethereum moves to "proof of stake"?

Since GPUs can mine multiple different cryptocurrencies, if a time comes where Ethereum or another coin we are mining no longer makes sense, we will enable customers to redirect their Hash Rate to a different coin.