Our Team

Our team has backgrounds in real estate development, business development, complex software development, app development, server development, thermodynamics, high performance computing, distributed computing, finance, problem solving, creative thinking, user experience, product management, agile development methods and more. This diverse skill set enables us to provide our customers quality services at scale.

Travis Jank

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer

Travis has been overclocking and optimizing computing systems since his youth. With multiple computing world records, Travis operated the largest privately held Bitcoin mining farm in the world. Travis has worked with Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, Asus, Swiftech, Micron and others to build bleeding edge technology.

Benjamin Meyer

Chief Information Officer

Benjamin has vast expertise and experience in advanced computer algorithms and architecture, cryptography, data analysis, and computer simulation. He has created software used by Fortune 100 companies, lead software development teams, and deployed products to countless users around the world.

Lawrence Sowell

Chief Operations Officer

Lawrence has over a decade of experience leading product vision through user experience, problem solving, and innovation. Lawrence has traveled the world speaking about technology and how it can be used to solve problems. Lawrence has spent the last 5 years consulting startups and building teams.

Kat Silberstein

Chief Marketing Officer

Kat brings over 20 years experience in marketing communications, channel and product marketing, distribution management, business development and sales. Kat has worked for global startups and Fortune 500 brands, including managing accounts with Apple, DELL, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Intel, CDW, and Ingram Micro. Kat’s knowledge and experience is key for global product positioning, marketing/branding, and company growth worldwide.

Jeff Bloom

VP of Operations

Jeff has managed operations for software projects for billion dollar companies and startups alike. Jeff manages dynamic environments of change and complexity while documenting, monitoring, and reporting progress.

David Clark

VP of International Business Development

David holds a BA in Finance from University of Montana and an MBA from Whitworth University.  Starting his first construction related company at 21, David has been actively engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors ever since.  As VP of International Business Development, David brings his 19 years of experience in business strategy and strategic finance to Krambu's team.

Dolan valenzuela

Director of IT

Dolan started working on computers in high school. He has always had a passion for anything high performance. He has built some of the highest performing servers in the world alongside Travis Jank. Dolan graduated from University of Idaho in 2018 with his bachelor’s in business, Management of Information Systems. These skills have helped Dolan develop high performance compute systems.


Head of ASIC and FPGA Development

After graduating from the University of Idaho with a masters degree in electrical engineering, TJ has spent his life designing ASICs for various applications.  He has helped develop several innovative chips in the error correction field, the system clocking field and the audio for portable devices field.  TJ enjoys implementing software algorithms in hardware either as ASICs or FPGAs.

chadd olson

VP of Business Development

Chadd has been developing strategic relationships and partnerships for over two decades. He’s able to carefully address the needs of each client and plot a course toward success. Chadd has been a coach, mentor, and general manager. He brings his skills, experience, and enthusiasm to every situation.

Andrew Cook


Andrew Cook is the CEO of Five23, an investment analytics company from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. As the former founder and manager of one of the largest hedge funds in Latin America, he uses his talents to help companies reach their goals through investment and leadership. Andrew speaks about quantitative investments and data analytic strategies at conferences and universities around the world, including Chile Digital and Stanford University.

Kenneth Tyler

IP Advisor

With a background in computer science and technical PCB and CAD skills, Kenny has extensive experience in all stages of IP from research, ideation, conceptualization, drafting, filing, etc. Kenny is the original inventor of CC3D™ continuous composite 3D printing technology and is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Continuous Composites Inc. He has several granted patents as well as many non-provisional patents filed and hundreds of concepts covered by provisional applications

Sam Allen

SEC / Business Attorney

With over 30 years of corporate finance and securities law experience, Sam has advised clients across the country. Sam’s expertise spans a wide gamut of law including corporate structuring, mergers and acquisition, raising capital, IPO’s, and representing clients in SEC proceedings.

And Many More

Our team is growing rapidly.

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