Mining is all about speed. The faster your hardware is, the more coins it generates. Our pricing is simple and transparent - it is based on the speed at which you want to mine.

Plans are paid upfront, and there are NO ongoing out-of-pocket costs after your plan starts. 

The upfront hardware fee covers the cost of the mining hardware. The small maintenance and electricity fee is automatically deducted from mining earnings.

Ethereum mining speed is measured in units called Mega-Hash (MH).
1 MH = 1,000,000 mining operations per second.

Ethereum Mining

Upfront Hardware Fee

1 Year Plan
Was $22
Per MH per Year
2 Year Plan
Was $20
Per MH per Year
3 Year Plan
Was $18
Per MH per Year

Monthly MaintEnAnce & Electricity

*Deducted from mining earnings
Price per MH:
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