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Krambu is an industry leader in enterprise-grade cryptocurrency mining, blockchain hosting, and high performance computing solutions.

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Our Timeline

With decades of technical expertise, Krambu has been involved in the cryptocurrency space from the beginning. From running the largest Bitcoin mining operation in the world to building software solutions utilized by Fortune 100 companies, our team has a proven track record of technical proficiency and experience.


Travis sets the world-record for the fastest recorded CPU speed


Travis sets a new world-record for the fastest recorded CPU speed

Feb 2009

Travis again breaks the world-record for the fastest recorded CPU speed

Jun 2009

Launched worlds largest individually owned and operated Bitcoin mining farm

Mar 2010

Entered GPU mining

Aug 2011

Started mining IX coin


Started mining Litecoin

SEPT 2014

Gave the first ever TED Talk on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

NOV 2016

Started development of the Krambu Social Network for the cryptocurrency community

MAY 2017

Additional team members assembled

JUL 2017

Finalized proprietary hardware designs for maximum GPU mining efficiencies and profitability

OCT 2017

Launched Krambu enterprise mining, blockchain hosting services.

Nov 2017

Launched industry's first cryptocurrency mining app in the App Store and Google Play store

DEC 2017

Launched realtime Crypto News service

Jan 2018

CES 2018, Las Vegas NV - Launch of our new app, website, blockchain and supercomputing services

FEB 2018

Created the industry's highest density blockchain mining appliance

MAR 2018

Finalized design and began development of 250 MW blockchain computing facility

APR 2018

Patents filed and plans laid out for Blockchain Mining Marketplace

Our Technology

Hardware Solutions:

Our proprietary high performance computing and blockchain hardware solutions have been designed from the ground up for unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and enterprise grade performance. Designed and optimized for maximum performance, our computing solutions provided to our customers are best in class.

Software Solutions:

Using software developed in-house, we furnish our clients with radical transparency to mining earnings and hash rate as well as detailed mining simulators and data sets. The first of it’s kind, our Krambu mining app provides our clients full disclosure of all earning, fees, payouts, etc giving complete transparency to your mining. Accessible from nearly every platform (Web, Android, iOS, Tablet), we empower our clients with the tools and data needed to make informed decisions regarding their hash rate and future purchases.

World Class Technical Competence

Our hardware expertise is derived from a long history of consulting and servicing the world’s leading hardware manufacturers. This includes top technology clients such as Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, Siemens, etc.

Specializing in cryptocurrency mining, our expertise led us to holding the largest independently owned Bitcoin mine in the world from 2010-2012. As the altcoin industry flourished and ASIC hardware manufacturing consolidated the market, we pivoted to specializing in the more adaptable GPU mining industry.

As the cryptocurrency world continues to evolve, we are constantly innovating our hardware to stay at the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving industry.

The Pacific Northwest

Krambu is primarily located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, which we selected for several important reasons. Firstly, we located our company in the United States to provide the regulatory conditions that gives our customers assurance in our legitimacy and long-term stability. Secondly, our specific location within the United States was chosen for its cool climate to reduce cooling costs and particularly for it’s inexpensive hydroelectric power. Energy costs are one of the greatest expenses for cryptocurrency mining and large-scale computing operations. Providing competitive pricing for these services necessitates cheap and abundant energy. Access to hydroelectric electricity means Krambu is powered by a clean and sustainable energy source.

Our team

Our team has backgrounds in real estate development, business development, complex software development, app development, server development, thermodynamics, high performance computing, distributed computing, finance, problem solving, creative thinking, user experience, product management, agile development methods and more. This diverse skill set enables us to provide our customers quality services at scale.


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